Lube Services

No Appointment Necessary
Full Service Oil Change Includes
 Up to 5 quarts of Castrol premium motor oil & premium oil filter
✓ Lubricate chassis

✓ Check air filter

✓ Check cabin air filter (if applicable)

✓ Check battery

✓ Check and fill power steering fluid

✓ Check and fill windshield washer fluid

✓ Check transmission/trans axle fluidsgraph
✓ Check differential fluid

✓ Check and set tire pressure

✓ Check tire depth wear

✓ Check front and rear wiper blades

✓ Check anti-freeze/coolant level

✓ Check and inspect brake fluid

✓ Visually inspect serpentine belt

List of Services

The same quality and professionalism of a dealership or big automotive chain without the expense or inconvenience.
✓ No appointment necessary

✓ Quick service — We'll get you in and out in 15 minutes or less

✓ Knowledgeable — Our technicians have years of automotive experience

✓ Trustworthy — Over 6500 customers served annually

✓ We service all makes and models.

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